Business Philosophy


Solve our Customers' Immediate and Strategic Challenges Through Unparalleled and Affordable Technical and Operational Support Services.


We strive to be the most sought after small business provider for government customers and contractors who require consistent, exceptional Technical and Operational Support services.


Our philosophy is demonstrated by our commitment to our customers and employees and is reflected in our CAIRE Core Values statement and supported by our Team Commandments.

CAIRE Core Values

• C = Customer Centered: We Succeed By Helping You Succeed

• A = Accountability: Take Personal Responsibility

• I = Integrity: Do What’s Right, Always

• R = Respect: Treat Everyone With Dignity

• E = Excellence: Insist on Quality

Team Commandments

• Remember, the customer is the warfighter in harm’s way today

• Speak positively about each other, your organization and your customer at every opportunity

• Help each other win, and take pride in each other’s victories

• Help each other to be right, not wrong

• Look for ways to make new ideas work, not for reasons they won’t

• Realize that “being right” is irrelevant to good service; it is the customer’s perception which is all important

• Maintain a positive mental outlook do everything with enthusiasm and good humor, your attitude in contagious

• Sacrifice for the good of the team

• Enjoy your job and have fun at it every day