Joint Test and Evaluation Services

Our experience with JT&E began shortly after ITS was formed.

We provide all aspects of Joint Test requirements including Test Site analysis, test/exercise planning, scenario development, modeling and simulation, range coordination and all forms of analysis.

We also provide subject matter expertise and analysis covering Joint Doctrine Situational Awareness and Test Architecture. These are critical capabilities required to build, execute and assess test plans.

See the links below to drill down into the details of our capabilities.

Joint Test Processes

  • Planning & execution for integrated and robust T&E programs
  • Operations Research/Systems Analysis (ORSA) support
  • Proven expertise in Modeling and Simulation (M&S)

Unmanned/Remote Piloted Aircraft Expertise

  • Operational Expertise
  • Network/Communications Expertise

Security Services

  • Network Security with ISSO/ISSM support
  • Special Security Office (SSO) Support