Full Motion Video (FMV)

full motion video FMV servicesITS performs all core IT functions to ensure unbroken communications for long haul networks carrying full motion video from Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)/Remote Piloted Aircraft (RPA) to the operations centers.

ITS maintains and upgrades the system to ingest, disseminate, archive and retrieve large number of simultaneous, FMV and associated metadata. This extends to displaying sensor feeds and heads-up-display on “Video Walls” and workstations via multicast.

We also incorporate presentation, application, network, server, hardware, mass storage, and virtualization technologies across the system.

Finally we provide Virtual Private Network (VPN) cloud based services to the operational user via a centrally managed system. We also provide maintenance management and support to the Ground Control Station (GCS)

  • Long haul communication sustainment and upgrade
  • Video Dissemination Hub support (VDH)
  • Video and Audio Distribution support
  • User VPN support
  • Ground Control Station (GCS) maintenance support
  • Outage and GCS maintenance logs