Invictus Technical Solutions (ITS) was co-founded by Josh Murphy and Chris LaMont in 2006 to provide superior services and support to the Department of Defense. With the co-founders having a decade of service in the United States Marine Corps, it is no surprise the company was founded to focus on the needs of the War Fighter.

Josh Murphy, President and Co-Founder

Josh Murphy is President and Co-Founder of Invictus Technical Solutions (ITS). Josh provides daily direction and strategic vision for ITS and is also highly skilled in the technical aspects of Information Technology Support.

Josh spent over a decade in the United States Marine Corps providing both stateside and deployed IT services. This technical base and dedication to mission and support of the warfighter has provided the focus needed to drive success for ITS. Josh provided much of the early strategy and growth concept and execution for ITS, using his understanding of the customer and requirements to provide excellent service to the customer.

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Chris LaMont, Vice President and Co-Founder

Chris LaMont is Vice President and Co-Founder of Invictus Technical Solutions (ITS). Chris was also in the United States Marine Corps and has the same dedication to the mission of supporting the warfighter as Josh.

Chris's expertise in management and Master's of Business Management made him the perfect partner to focus on customer service and solving the hard problems. Chris continues to apply his knowledge and skills to the Customer First focus of ITS.

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Randy Weaver, Vice President for Operations

Randy Weaver joined Invictus in May 2017 as Vice President for Operations. Randy also started his career at the pointy end of the spear with the United States Marine Corps where he worked IT systems at home and on several deployments.

Over the 12 years after leaving the Corps Randy moved through systems administration to become an operations manager before joining Invictus. Along the way Randy earned a Bachelor's degree in Business Management and a Masters in Program Management. His experience in leading people and his technical background make Randy a perfect fit for ensuring the smooth execution of our contracts.

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