Contract Program Security Officer (Las Vegas, NV)

Work Location: Creech AFB, Las Vegas, NV

Position Description
Develop, maintain, and administer physical and personnel security programs and procedures within the SSO office.

Minimum Requirements

  • Demonstrated three years of experience in facility security administration and incident management
  • Demonstrated three years of experience in the application of the Joint Air Force Army Navy (JAFAN) 6/0 and 6/9, Intelligence Community Directive (ICD) 705, and Intelligence Community Standard (ICS) 705
  • Experience using Microsoft Office suite of applications
  • Excellent communications and organization skills

Desired Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Experience in industrial and/or personnel security

General Job Responsibilities

  • Manage the TS/SCI Physical Security Program for our customer, to include the management of all facility accreditation package artifacts, policies, requirements, and deadlines
  • Update and maintain the SCI Billet Structure database for all supported organizations
  • Update and maintain the Joint Personnel Access System (JPAS) for all supported organizations
  • Update and maintain all electronic and hard-copy personnel security files for assigned personnel
  • Track and monitor SCI eligibility status for all supported personnel requiring access to SCI, track and monitor eligibility requests for all supported organizations
  • Process incoming and outgoing visit certifications
  • Provide security technical and procedural guidance to the SSO
  • Review, prepare, coordinate, and disseminate Emergency Access Plans and Standard Operating Procedures
  • Manage classified media destruction program
  • Assist the SSO in conducting SCIF security and compliance reviews
  • Prepare and conduct security briefings
  • Manage security incident reporting
  • Facilitate personnel security management

Benefit Eligibility: Full

Equal Opportunity Employer